Helmut is a seasoned expert on financial sector regulation with a focus on banking, e-money and, more recently, crypto-asset regulation.

Helmut has been involved in:

• The co-legislative process leading to the finalisation of the EU regulation on Markets in Crypto-Assets,

• The standard-setting initiatives of the Financial Stability Board regarding the regulation, supervision and oversight of crypto-asset activities and markets, as well as the FSB’s work on updating the Principles for Financial Market Infrastructures for their application to stable-coin arrangements, and

• The development of the approach of the Basel Committee of Banking Supervision to the prudential treatment of banks’ crypto-asset exposures.

Helmut is also engaged in international multi-faceted regulatory work responding to the digitalisation of financial services, and the rapid surge of delivery of financial services via ecosystems and on digital platforms. His work included the development of the Eurosystem oversight framework for electronic payments (PISA), the EU’s Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) and the Digital Services and Digital Markets Acts (DSA and DMA).

Helmut held numerous senior positions in public and private organisations. He worked with Deloitte London and the Deloitte European network as a senior advisor and Deloitte’s EU ambassador (2011-2018). He was Global Head of Regulatory Affairs at Deutsche Bank AG (2008-2009), and from early 2003 until mid-2007 First Executive Director and Head of Banking Supervision at the Federal Financial Services Authority in Germany (BaFin). He served as the vice-chair of the Committee of European Banking Supervisors and was a member of the Basel Committee and the ECB’s Banking Supervision Committee. From 1993 onwards, he was a member of numerous international committees and working groups at the EU and the wider international level.


  • Electronic Money
  • Financial Services
  • Corporate and Commercial
  • Crypto Asset Services


Office: UK